ehind the closed door comes sound of knocking hammers, silver cooling and roaring of polishing machine. Sharpening files, abrasive paper and tweezers working all together but before they can start, it is a time of piece of paper, pencil and imagination…

Stage I – contemplation

Sometimes I am sitting quietly in the studio, thinking about new projects, sketching, modifying and inventing new forms. I am making an overview of my stones collection, other time I am dreaming, transferring my crazy imagination onto the paper and looking for materials that I can use to bring it to life. Own made fused glass, carved porcelain, everything can be a source of new ideas.

Stage II – fear of creation

Project is ready, all material gathered, but goldsmith table is still empty… My inner voice is asking: „Is there any meaning?”, „Will it be comfortable?”, „Do I succeed?” Thoughts revolve around all the tasks to be performed, but avoiding the main topic. Maybe today I will start, but maybe not? But there is a moment when the barrier is broken and then it starts…

Stage III – creative passion

Silver dust is falling on my knees, flat sheets and coils start to take on life. Soldering and etching fighting each other till imagination is forged into life. Stone is framed, almost done, only some small adjustment left and then act of creation is finished. But mind starts to play ticks and dissatisfaction appears. I need to wait for few hours, till my mind accept what my hands created.

Stage IV – So, maybe I like You a little?

By the way, You are not so bad, maybe even interesting? Ok, I will take You some photos and I will show You to the World, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Pose nicely, eh please cooperate with me. Black is not Your color? Ok, jump one my neck, last photos to be taken and instantly You will be in galleries, Facebook, on my Blog. I will even show whole process of creation! So now You will be waiting for Your new owner.

Stage V – euphoria!

Butterflies in the stomach and smile on my face. This is how I fell every time when I open a message with title: „new order”. This is what gives me desire to act, but firstly I need to take care about packing. I put jewelry into a box, add soft fabric for comfortable journey. I print an invoice, put it together with thankful card, jewelry care manual and soft cloth for cleaning, and form time to time something more… Double check on shipping address, calling transportation company and then…

Stage VI – waiting

I am waiting. Patiently waiting. But no, I am waiting anxiously for some feedback. Did my jewelry fulfilled Your expectation? Did new owner is happy like a child, when unwrapping someone’s gift? Is it comfortable to wear? Hey, dear customer, send me some message! Please tell if everything is OK, so I can sleep peacefully. And if something went wrong, also necessarily let me know about it, we will work something out!