Individual orders

Do you dream of amazing jewelry, or maybe a personalized necklace that hides magic? The category: Individual orders is just for you. Contact me through the CONTACT category and I will try to give your vision real shapes.

About me

Oh! Where should I even start? So I should say „Good Morning”, or maybe just „Hello”? Regardless of the form I would like to extend a very warm welcome to You! You’re always welcome here!

So many I would like to tell You, but at the same time I am aware that starting with many information would be boring and it would be destructive. Therefore, I’ll start specifically and confess to you that I have not made thousand art exhibitions and my name is not famous in the World. International awards or fame is unknown to me, but for several years Jewelry is my whole world.


Zamówienia złożone w dniach 9-25 lipca wyślę niezwłocznie po tym terminie.