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Oriental dragon from the Far East

The Lord of the rain, a dragon inspired by the culture of the Far East, amazing Chinese dragons with characteristic snake silhouette without wings. The dragon holds a transparent emerald of incredible beauty, which inside has natural patches and cracks and shimmers depending on the lighting.

I hammered the metal surface to give it a scaling structure. Silver covered the oxide, I managed to get rainbow shades, from the green through grenades and violets, which underline the texture of the metal. Pendant hanging on a fabric strap with a pattern resembling scales in color: beige, brown, white and a little black. I placed the metalwork slightly asymmetric, as if the dragon was floating one way, so the emerald falls in the center of the neckline, and the dragon itself seems smaller and better arranged.

If you are fascinated with the culture of the Far East and original jewelry made only in one copy, this necklace will be perfect for you 🙂

When you click the pictures you will find a link to my shop on Etsy.

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