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About me

I allow myself to unconventionality!

Oh! Where should I even start? So I should say „Good Morning”, or maybe just „Hello”? Regardless of the form I would like to extend a very warm welcome to You! You’re always welcome here!

So many I would like to tell You, but at the same time I am aware that starting with many information would be boring and it would be destructive. Therefore, I’ll start specifically and confess to you that I have not made thousand art exhibitions and my name is not famous in the World. International awards or fame is unknown to me, but for several years Jewelry is my whole world.

Struggles with form and material is a tough love that gives me the enormity of satisfaction. Passion for jewelry grown in me very slowly, I tried many artistic domains, and finally I come across Silversmithing. Thanks to this the winding road my works are combined with fused glass (fusing), ceramics and such untypical materials like: hand-felted wool, UV resin, leather burning. Every step I learn something new and still evolving. There is something new in every new project, something I have not tried and I have to face it. Combining many techniques gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction.

Although my goldsmith „career” is in the initial phase, but You can already see some my own artistic workshop style. I always had a problem with choosing one artistic way. I object when I heard that I have to focus on one particular style in order to succeed. The idea to create SZTUK KILKA studio came up with passion for diversity and opposition to focus only on one style. Meaning of a term „Sztuk Kilka” is a word game in polish language that means: „Few of Art” and „A few Items”. It is very difficult to translate 🙂

It is not my final word yet!

I know I would have to miss so many important things… did I tell that my first profession is an Art Historian? Well, so much remains to be said. Do You agree to enter into the world of SZTUK KILKA?

Kindest Regards! Marta 💚

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