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Guarantee of uniqueness

What dose Guarantee of Uniqueness give You?

Jewelry designed by me is a part of reality, filtered through the imagination and hidden in a usable form. I would like to share with You, a Little Piece Of Art, that You can wear wherever You go. This is why I decided, that most of my works, will be created only in one copy. In GALLERY section, You can find pictures of jewelry marked with signs: „Guarantee of Uniqueness”. When You choose to buy it, I will give You my commitment that I will never create the exactly same piece.

Why I made such decision?

I could repeat endlessly popular designs, Isn’t it the essence of nowadays „creation” process? But my inner voice whispers that it is not my way. It guides me contrary to market trends and drives me to traditional craftsmanship, that after long hours of patient work, gives real art making satisfaction. Happiness and satisfaction, with having a unique, the only one in the World, and designed for You item, are emotions that I would like to share with You.