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Jewelry care

Silver jewelry care  💜

For creating silver jewelry I am using traditional silversmith techniques I am using only silver with high purity: 0.999 and 0.925. I combine it with natural stones, ceramics and glass. Glass and ceramics I made from scratch in my studio. Silver jewelry will last a very long time, but we need follow a few simple rules.

  •  Remove the jewelry during bath and sleep time, keep it in dedicated little box or other container.
  • Try to prevent deformation, do not squeeze or twist thin metal parts.
  • Jewelry cannot come into long contact with fluids like water or strong detergents. Try to prevent its contact with cosmetics and cleaning products – it can change silver color.

  • Dark oxidative work that covers silver adds nobility but in time it can rub off, especially on edges.
  • Silver jewelry darkens naturally with age, particularly when it is not used or it is kept at high humidity environment. This is caused mainly by pollution in the air, especially hydrogen sulfide. This is natural process determined by properties of silver.
  • For cleaning and polishing use only soft cloth and special detergents for silver. You can also use how hot clean water with ammonia or lemon juice. Regular cleaning will minimalize risk of darkening silver surface.
  • Every jewelry piece that I make is precisely polished and cleaned. During normal usage, delicate scratches can appear on silver surface, this is also natural process as silver is quite soft.
You won’t have to worry about anything!

You do not have to worry, that wont’n remember all these rules. For each sold jewelry, I add information about how to taking care about it and also and dedicated cloth for cleaning. I case I used some special materials like: leather, precious stones, wool, I additionally explain how to handle with those.

With purchased jewelry You will receive decorated box to store Your new treasure. However, if jewelry going to be a gift, for someone close to You, please let me know. I will try to make some special packing and decorative note for handwriting wishes. Before shipping, I double check every detail, so I will receive not only beautiful piece of art but also highest quality one.