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27.01.2017::Process of creation

Snow Queen – a set of three silver brooches

Set of three brooches made of sterling silver (925). As a child, I loved illustrations made by Jerzy Srokowski for “The Snow Queen” book published in 1975 written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. I decided to convert these wonderful characters into the world of jewelry. I made three brooches: “Snow Queen”, “Kai” and “Gerda”, each of them can be …

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So many I would like to tell You, but at the same time I am aware that starting with many information would be boring and it would be destructive. Therefore, IÔÇÖll start specifically and confess to you that I have not made thousand art exhibitions and my name is not famous in the World. International awards or fame is unknown to me, but for several years Jewelry is my whole world.

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Behind the closed door comes sound of knocking hammers, silver cooling and roaring of polishing machine. Sharpening files, abrasive paper and tweezers working all together but before they can start, it is a time of piece of paper, pencil and imaginationÔÇŽ

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