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Marta Norenberg

Passion for jewelry grown in me very slowly, I tried many artistic domains, and finally I come across Silversmithing. Thanks to this the winding road my works are combined with fused glass (fusing), ceramics and such untypical materials like: hand-felted wool, UV resin, leather burning. Every step I learn something new and still evolving. There is something new in every new project, something I have not tried and I have to face it. Combining many techniques gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction.

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27.01.2017::Process of creation

Set of three brooches made of sterling silver (925). As a child, I loved illustrations made by Jerzy Srokowski for “The Snow Queen” book published in 1975 written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. I decided to convert these wonderful characters into the world of jewelry. I made three brooches: “Snow Queen”, “Kai” and “Gerda”, each of them can be …

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Crazy world of my artistic jewelry.